25 Wedding pictures you won’t want to miss on the day

25 Wedding pictures you won’t want to miss on the day

January 10, 2022

What Wedding pictures not to miss on your wedding day?

Getting married does not happen every day and on such a special event it’s important to get the the wedding pictures you really want on your big day. A good photographer wiill talk through your wedding photography requirements. But what if you don’t know what wedding pictures you really want.  This guide is here to help you get the best wedding images on the day. Preparation is the only way to ensure you get it right on the day and choose the right wedding pictures.

Our 25 must-have wedding pictures will help you to compose your list in advance of the day. Always take time to make sure that you know what style or theme you want for your wedding photographs and what are those must have wedding pictures that will remind you of one of the most important events in your life.

Here are our top 25 wedding pictures:

  1. Bride and groom preparations – these candid pictures are great for each other to see if you are getting ready independently. Images of the dress, the suit, the bridesmaids and groomsmen having fun in advance of the ceremony.


2. Bouquets & Flowers – you have taken the time to select the flowers for your wedding so don’t forget to get some images for the wedding book.  Think about the bouquet, the button holes and the decoration of the church or ceremony room.

3. The rings – this is an old tradition that most bride and grooms like to stick to.  Think in advance of how you want to stage them. Consider by the flowers or by the order of service.

Wedding Rings

4. The dress – one of the most important keepsake images is the brides dress and an image will capture this forevermore. Think about the staging for this, the hanger, the backdrop

5. Jewellery – bride and grooms jewellery on the day especially if they are gifts to each other

6. Church and or wedding venue – wherever you are getting married remembering to get an image of the venue before the bridal party arrives is often missed. If you have spent time choosing colours, a theme or it’s a quirky venue then you will want to ensure there is a picture before and after your guests arrive.  A night time picture of your venue can also be a great closure image in your wedding book.


7. Bridal car or carriage – from sports cars, tractors to traditional Rolls Royce’s you need to include a picture of your transport to the venue.

bridal photography berkshire

8. Entrance – it should be a standard picture by any professional photographer but just in case get it on your list.

9. Grooms reaction – now this one is difficult to get if you want the entrance one too and only have one photographer. If you can afford it, always consider two photographers. If not get the best man to capture that moment or consider meeting up just before the entrance to capture that moment alone with your photographer. There are many settings this would work well.

10 Wedding ceremony  – a difficult one to forget to do but think about the venue and how you can achieve the best photographs, do you want guest reactions or is the back of your dress a must. Think what’s important and be sure to make a note with your wedding photographer.


11. Decor and detail – the devil is in the detail and if you have spent  hours planning the decor of your venue then add it to the list of photographs

12. Family portraits – in our modern world this is so important to get correct, especially if families are separated, divorced or widowed. Planning ahead will ensure no one feels left out on the day.

13. Entourage – the friends from work, the boys from football, the girls from uni, you name it you might want to capture those pictures of all the guests in their various groups enjoying your special day.  This can work better in an informal way capturing the moment as something funny or meanigful happens.

14. Cake – it’s a must at every wedding and a must in the wedding book but think how you want to remember it.

Wedding Cake Photography

15. Place cards – often forgotten on the photographer’s list but if they are the work of a close friend or relative make sure you include them.

16. Table setting – with lots of themes being the rage, a keepsake picture of your table setting is one to have in the wedding book.

Wedding Table Photography

17. Reception – if you can, try and keep the photographer all day, some pictures of the wedding party and guests relaxing are always lovely natural wedding photographs.

18. Cake cutting – Tradition is hard to break but how you will cut it and if you’re going to eat it by feeding it to each other.

19. Speeches – some great natural photos can be taken during the speeches, capturing the natural reactions of the wedding party is a great keepsake.

Wedding Speeches Photography

20. Gifts to the wedding party – tradition normally mean gifts for the bridesmaid or groomsmen so make sure you capture these moments of giving the gifts.

21. Toast – when you raise that glass to toast to your future, capture the moment.

22.First dance – whether it’s a traditional sway around the dance floor or a choreographed dance routine, you will want that moment captured forever.

First Dance Photography

23. Dance with parents – One for the mums and dads for sure but also a lovely reminder of your wedding day.

24. Entire wedding party – It’s good to take time to find the right place to take this picture especially if you have a large wedding party. Plan ahead and you’ll have a fabulous group photo.

25. Farewell – again if you can your photographer for the full day, that farewell image can be a great one to have. All those emotions captured for evermore.

Wedding Farewell Photography


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