Why a micro wedding could be right for you?

Why a micro wedding could be right for you?

The rise of the micro wedding

You have picked the dream venue, the date was confirmed, the photographer booked and then………….

The events of the pandemic scuppered plans for so many soon-to-be-married couples across the globe.  The option was to delay your big day or “lets just do it now” with the new wedding trend of the micro wedding.

For many couples I worked with, their weddings were saved by the creation of the micro wedding.Since 2020 they have become ever more popular and the demand for micro weddings is growing tenfold. So if you want an intimate wedding celebration with a focus on your most beloved friends and family, it could well be the right choice for you.


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What is a Micro Wedding and how does it differ from a traditional wedding?

A lot of couples who choose to have a Micro Wedding decide to ditch the traditional elements of the wedding. It could be cutting of the cake or a first dance but again there’s no set rule – your wedding, your way!

Lockdown was a period of reflection for many about what’s truly important.  For some couples, that will crystallise exactly who they want by their side on their special day. Crucially, their budget won’t change. They’ll want to splash out on their guests and create an unforgettable, personalised experience.

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So why would you decide on a Micro Wedding?

1. You just want to tie the knot and don’t want to think about any more rescheuling

You have waited for your wedding day and counted down the days and months, even years.  Many couples have maybe already pushed their wedding back once and have had enough and are opting for a smaller more intimate wedding.  

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2. It’s more relaxed

The average wedding typically has around 80 guests during the day and 100 evening guests. Planning an event of that size is a huge undertaking that involves juggling multiple suppliers. Whether its chasing RSVPs, planning seating arrangements and ensuring there is enough food, drink and entertainment for everybody.

The atmosphere of a micro wedding lends itself to a more relaxed and laid back vibe. Big weddings often mean the bride and groom have little to no time to be in the moment or relax.  There’s always someone to say hello to or thank and a strict itinerary of pictures, speeches, dance, throwing of the bouquet…it’s endless.

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3. It’s the little details that make it special

The great thing about a Micro Wedding is the opportunity to put a personal stamp on things. Some of those ‘little touches’ can often get lost in a bigger wedding. A micro wedding provides a platform to create a detailed and intimate experience that is so personalised and your guests will remember forever.

4. You don’t have to be the centre of attention

For some, the thought of a hundred people watching you walk down the aisle can be pretty nerve racking. Whereas reciting your vows with just your nearest and dearest present is much more intimate and calming on the nerves.  Added to that a photographer that you don’t even realise is there. Capturing all your speciall moments thoughout the day in such a natural way, puts a camera shy couple at ease.

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5. You can save money

When you reduce the number of guests at your wedding, the cost naturally goes down. If budget is a big consideration, a micro wedding might be a great choice. It’s also a good option if you want to focus on the quality of your guest experience. With fewer guests in attendance, great hospitality in a beautiful setting can be affordable.

6. Timings are not a problem

At a large wedding, couples can find it hard to catch up properly with every guest. With a smaller number, you can interact with each and every guest for much longer, building deeper connections and making your guests feel more valued. Getting to spend quality time with the people that mean the most to you as a couple is pretty special. With this point in mind, the wedding venues that specialise in micro weddings are often exclusive use and offer multi-day hire. This means a wedding day can become a wedding weekend if you so wish.

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In summary

If you were planning a large wedding and reception and the constant changes are unnerving and the uncertainty unsettling.  Couples who have gone through the heartache of postponing
their wedding last year will tell you how much of a rollercoaster making this decision is. After all the planning to not get married on a date that likely has some significance. So take your time to do what you feel is right.

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What all my couples have told me is that their micro wedding was not a compromise in fact  the complete opposite.  They have all been amazing, very special and so unique to the couple. Each of them have had one thing in common. Much more relaxed, fun and very intimate with the friends and family that they really wanted to be there to celebrate their big day.

Last year I was lucky enough to cover a number of micro weddings. They had originally been a traditional much larger wedding.  One thing is for sure , no one is left disappointed – especially the bride and groom. The buzz and excitement of the guests and family members is still there. In fact it seems to have been amplified. All your guests feel so privileged to have “made the cut” and they want to ramp up the atmosphere and the enjoyment.

At jmc-photography we have always loved smaller weddings (we didn’t call them micro weddings until 2020). We looked forward to the lack of stress that typically comes with a more intimate affair.  We love the ability to focus more time on what matters most to the couple.  Micro wedding photography allows us to capture natural, candid photos of the bride and groom, the smaller wedding party and every guest that is in attendance. 

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