Behind the scenes at the boxing

Behind the scenes at the boxing

Matchroom Boxing – Behind the Scenes

A few weeks ago I was asked by Matchroom Boxing to cover their event in Cardiff but to do it behind the scenes rather than cover the actual boxing in the ring. I had to get their way before the start of the boxing so I could get my bearings so I could find my way round quickly as I was given backstage pass to gain access to the dressing rooms to photograph the boxers getting ready and prepared with their trainers and team

The boxers were more than happy to be photographed as long as I kept out of the way and didn’t interfere with their preparations, the boxers were not showing any signs of nerves just an air of anticipation in the air as there fight time got closer. The music was pumping and the spirits were high as their night of destiny was soon upon them.

Joe Cordina is a local lad fighting in his home town so the pressure on him was huge to perform as most of the crowd had turned up to watch him and he was so relaxed and keen to get going.I shot the images in black & white as it helps to disguise the background as I had no control on where to place the boxers to get them being wrapped up and loosening up

Boxing sports photography

It was a late night by the time I finished my assignment of back stage photography but it all went well and I really enjoyed seeing a different side to the boxers and how they prepare. The images that I shot that night were used live by promoters Matchroom on their social media accounts and I kept getting updates on my instagram account thoughout the evening – I even got a few reposts by the boxers as the night went on and have already sent the pictures them and linked to their instagram accounts so hopefully if I’m asked again to do the back stage photography and the same guys are on the bill they will remember me and be as helpful again.


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