9 reasons to use a professional photographer for your corporate event

9 reasons to use a professional photographer for your corporate event

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When hosting a corporate event – why choose a corporate event photographer? It is often easy to choose to take your own photographs of the event. You may choose to do this to save on cost, however you could be missing a trick.

Hiring a good corporate event photographer to photograph your corporate event could be one of the smartest things you do.

Consider our 9 reasons below as to why we believe a professional photographer is a must for your corporate event:

Work that Room!

A professional photographer will add to your event by using their knowledge of how to work a room. They will know when and where they need to be as they follow your agenda for the event. They will know where to position themselves to get the best angles without being in the way.

Experience of corporate events

A good professional photographer will have previous experience of photographing a corporate event. This will allow them to help you and suggest things that you may not have thought of. Using their experience will help you to obtain the best images of your event.

Good Quality photographs

Anyone can take a photograph but only a professional photographer can give the quality of photographs you need as a corporate company. Getting the best images of your event will enable you to use them for years to come on company websites, promotion of your company internally and externally.


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Attention to detail

A professional photographer will have a plan to work on the day. They will capture moments you probably would not have thought of to include. Simple images of the name badges or table settings that are all part of a corporate event.

Equipment & Lighting

One of the key assets of a professional photographer is their kit! Photographers always have the latest cameras, the latest props and lighting. Afterwards they are on top of their game with the latest software to edit your images into memorable records of the day.

Professional Photographer

The title should say it all. If you hire a professional photographer for your event then they will deliver you professional photographs. How do you know that they are a professional? It will be their main source of income, they will be able to show you a portfolio of corporate event photography and an eye catching website to browse.

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Knowing the drill

Most corporate events will have a similar agenda to them, with the odd differences. A corporate photographer will be familiar with the regular drill and be able to help you plan the images that are required on the day. They will know what to ask for and where to be to get the images that you require of your corporate event.

Back Up

Failing to hire a corporate photographer leaves you with the responsibility of taking the images. More importantly of backing those images up to revisit it the next day. With everything required of a corporate event it’s always nice to know you have a professional responsible for the back up of those corporate photographs.


Great Event Photos To Use for Advertising

Our final reason to use a professional is one of the most important. The investment in a professional for the event will ensure you professional images. These images can then be use for advertising for future events, corporate literature and for your company website. 

By investing in great corporate images you do not have to use stock images and risk looking like one of your competitors.

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