Engagement Photography

Engagement Photography

February 13, 2022

Recommendations for Engagement Photography, Berkshire

All wedding photographers are not the same!

So how do you know which one to choose?

The best way to know if you have the right photographer for your day is to choose one that offers an Engagement photo shoot.  By spending a few hours on an Engagement shoot you will know if your photographer. You will know if they are going to be right for your wedding day and as an added bonus, you will have some memories of that special moment.  So what do you need to do to prepare for your Engagement photography?

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Engagement Photography – Location

  • Most photographers will have lots of venues that they use locally for engagement shoots.  If there is a special place that you would like to consider then suggest it to your photographer. Think about what surroundings will be special for you and bring back memories in many years to come.

Engagement Photography –What to wear

  • Think about the time of year and what you would like to wear. If you are a casual dressing couple then don’t feel the need to get dressed up in your Sunday best. The idea of an engagement shoot is to be relaxed and get used to the camera and allow your photographer to get the best shots for you to use.

Engagement Photography – Hair and makeup

  • Hair and makeup on an engagement shoot can be an issue if outdoors at certain times of the year. Windy conditions can be testing but embrace the environment. Consider props such as hats or for those with longer hair tied up away from your face.

To smile or not to smile

  • Unless you are part of the Royal family, your engagement shoot photographs will more than likely be a fun affair. However, it really is up to you on how these moments are captured. If you like the formal look then make sure your photographer knows this and think about the surroundings and your dress to suit that official pose. Personally, we suggest trying images with and without a smile to decide on your best photographic pose.

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Engagement Photography – Nerves

  • Most brides and grooms declare nerves on the day are the worst offenders for bad photographs. At your engagement shoot, these few hours will build a relationship with you and your photographer. Which is great for helping you to feel more relaxed for your wedding day.

Pets in Engagement Photography

  • If you own a pet together then why not include them on the engagement photo shoot. Just bare in mind the venue you choose for your photoshoot and make sure they allow pets prior to the day of the photo shoot.

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  • Sunsets make wonderful backdrops and if your engagement shoot venue can include a sunset then consider organising your photographer for that time of day. Equally a sunrise in the height of summer can add some wonderful colours to your pictures.

An engagement photo shoot is a fantastic opportunity to allay your anxiety about being in front of the camera. Work out what works best for you and get to know your photographer in person. Equally, it helps the photographer to show that they are not just a guy or gal behind the camera on your wedding day.

Pre Wedding Engagement Shoot

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Pre Wedding Engagement Photshoot

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