How to get the best Portrait Photographs – when you hate the camera

How to get the best Portrait Photographs – when you hate the camera

How to get the best portrait photography - when you are not a fan of the camera

Tips on getting the best portrait photographs

Not everyone likes to be the focus of attention and the thought of a portrait photography session sends most running for the hills claiming “I’m not photographic”

As we are all told beauty is in the eye of the beholder but if we naturally squirm in front of the camera then every tip we can find to make those portrait shots look much better is a definite help.  

As a professional photographer at photography we spend time, taking care to make you the most relaxed you can be in order to get the best pictures to capture your special moment, whether that be for an engagement shoot, a family photoshoot or moments caught on film with your family pet.

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Our top 8 tips

  1. We look at using longer lenses where the background becomes a part of the photograph and not just the subject. For people who hate getting their photo taken this style of image is very popular.
  2. Unposed shots! Sounds normal but sometimes these create great results and wonderful memories of a moment together without the thought of “God I look awful”
  3. Different expressions.  By playing around with different expressions we try to capture the best likeness to our subject. We take many pictures to capture various expressions which will help you, the subject to relax and laugh at themselves, we often get some great results from some natural expressions.
  4. Play music during the session. Music is a great relaxer and we encourage the use of music during a portrait photo shoot, it can make a big difference to the overall results of the portrait photo shoot session.
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5. Communication. We talk to you throughout your photo session rather than just hide behind our camera snapping pictures. By the end of the session, we will know each other well and you will feel much more relaxed than you were at the start.

6. Practice. They say practice makes perfect and when taking pictures it’s no different, take time to pose in front of the mirror at home in private or take selfies to find out your best side. We all have one and if you know what it is in advance it will make the session so much easier for you.

7. Props. If you really don’t like standing in front of a camera, often a prop to hold will help distract you from looking at that camera. With pets its often a favourite toy, that can make them sit still for those few minutes to capture that shot.

8. Walk through the session. Before we start to take any pictures we will walk you through the session and what is going to happen. We will cover the images you would like to achieve and confirm the location and props if any are required in advance of the session.

When you arrive on the day we hope that you will feel relaxed and ready to capture some amazing pictures to cherish for years to come.

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