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Ariel Drone Photography

Jamie specialises in creating engaging aerial photography and video content for his clients. His aim is to get your business to stand out from the crowd by creating content that will boost your online presence and captivate your audience. Jamie uses the latest drone technology to capture the most stunning imagery. His background in photography really lends itself to his drone photography especially with composition, colour management and the understanding client brief.

Jamie is a CAA drone license holder, and holds a Permission for Commercial Operation (PfCO). He operates a professional and fully compliant commercial aerial drone photography service across Berkshire, Surrey, Hampshire and London. Jamie has a unique contemporary and creative style, which has enabled him to specialise in the following aerial photography and video assignments:

Sport & Leisure

Golf course aerial photography – providing golf courses comprehensive collateral to market their properties in advanced and immersive ways.
Golf courses need to showcase their expansive beauty. Traditional photography and marketing won’t cut it in today’s digital landscape, and flyover imaging with helicopters or planes is cost-prohibitive. Drone golf course photography helps you capture aerial images quickly and affordably. The images not only inspire and attract new members players but also give your marketing team gorgeous imagery for use on your digital platforms and print brochures. Options include:
  • Package of aerial images of your golf course
  • Short showreel highlighting your golf club
  • Fly-over of each of your holes

Race track aerial drone photography

Incredibly hi-tech auto-tracking features allow us to keep up with the action, find new angles and never miss the thrill of a race

Sporting & events aerial photography

Jamie started out in the fast-paced sports photography business. Expanding to offer aerial photography really does give your audience the best seat in the house. Aerial photography and aerial filming used to be reserved to national and international events. Thanks to drones, always improving performance, safety and picture quality it really does mean any event, public or private can have its own aerial imaging coverage at a fraction of a cost of using a traditional aircraft.


Hospitality & Tourism aerial drone photography

Aerial hospitality photography for hotels, resorts and tourist destinations. The tourism and hospitality industries are extremely competitive and will be even more so post-Covid19. Both rely on highly immersive and unique marketing tactics to attract guests to properties and destinations. It is still important to have good traditional photography, however they can never capture the expansive beauty and surrounding amenities of your location, and these are integral factors to traveller decision-making. With drones, you can capture aerial photos and videos that create breath-taking marketing that immerses viewers and sparks their imaginations. When travellers have a cohesive view of what to expect when they visit your resort, city or attraction, it makes the choice clear.


We are happy to work with your official wedding photographer in this very specialised field taking aerial photography of your venue, bride and groom photography, and the wedding party group photo.

  • Wedding aerial drone photography
  • Wedding venue aerial drone photography

Marketing & PR aerial drone photography

The most effective way to get noticed and get a clear message across to a potential customer is with the moving image. If those images are taken from the sky they are even more compelling. Videos are a key component of any digital marketing strategy and don’t have to break the bank

Building & Construction

Drone and video footage are the most effective way to promote a property. The dramatic imagery we can produce for your business will keep your visitors engaged.

  • Commercial building aerial drone photography
  • Residential building aerial drone photography
  • Construction aerial drone photography

Safety is a priority

Safety is a priority here at jmc-photography. We are keen to meet the requirements of our customers. If a request compromises the restrictions of our license, we will work with the client to find a good alternative. Our commercial drones are professional and high quality. As a UAV pilot Jamie is a licensed operator, who complies with regulations maps that govern drone flight. We will carry out a full risk and site assessment before any drone photography is carried out. These include awareness of height restrictions, no fly zones and aircraft flight. Where necessary, we contact control towers at local airports, in the same way as a private pilot. These may seem like excessive measures, but the aim is always to minimise potential risks and comply with the restrictions of his license, as well as the law. For this reason, Jamie has full Public Liability Insurance. Jaime’s clients highly praise his innovative, style creating aerial images and videos that are modern, engaging and will impress your audience. He offers a very personal service based on a creative, consultative approach and is available for commissions across the UK and Europe.